Wee Giant Theatre

Add a carnival atmosphere to any festivity using beautiful larger-than-life characters and giant puppets!

Wee Giant

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Giant puppet
Photo by Sandra Parsons Hall

Jack in the Green

Jack in the Green leading the opening parade for May Fair 2006.

The May Fairs have been the most inspiring festivals to work on. Monika works with the talented members of the community along with the children and faculty of the South Shore Waldorf School to create amazing giant puppets and costume characters who perform tableaus welcoming spring. The children assist in the writing and creating of the props and costumes used in the performances. The tableaus are performed on the field, on the hills and in the forest.

The Green Man common in English folklore and mythology is still celebrated today at the May festivals. Carvings of his face can still be found in the old churches of England. The Green Man represents the protector of the forest and male energy.

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