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Add a carnival atmosphere to any festivity using beautiful larger-than-life characters and giant puppets!

Wee Giant

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giant wizard puppet
Photo by James McMahon

The Grand Wizard

The Grand Wizard gives youngsters a ride during a Jazz East parade.

His clothes are created from an East Indian skirt and old lining, the collar was a gold disco shirt, hands were made from old camping bed foam and poplar boughs. The head is papermache, dyed sheep's wool and paint. The hat was created by an amazing artist who found herself in difficult circumstance because of epilepsy. The new medicine she was taking left her spirit very sad and heavy. I asked her if she would be so kind as to build Wee Giant Theatre’s Wizard an incredible Wizard hat. Unsure of whether her body would let her finish the job she courageously took on the challenge. The hat lifted her spirits and her will to continue her path towards healing. We love her for it.

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