Wee Giant Theatre

Add a carnival atmosphere to any event using beautiful larger-than-life characters and giant puppets!

Wee Giant

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Festivals, Fairs, Parades and Special Events

Summer Goddess giant puppet
The Summer Goddess

Imagine beautiful, well-crafted giant puppets, 4 metres tall, as part of your event. Greeting your guests. Begin your event or convention highly charged. We have many giants who love to party, dance, and bring smiles to all who see them. Or hire us to perform stories for your event. Performances are a unique blend of storytelling, clowning, dance, music, mask, colorful costumes and puppets. Wee Giant entices audience members to help enact the stories and explore amazing costumes and puppets.

Hire us ...

The Grand Wizard at Jazz East Parade, Halifax
The Grand Wizard performing at Jazz East in Halifax

To perform or to rove a site

Performances are suitable family entertainment

Workshops tailored for all ages

As a warm-up act

For Grand openings, Parades, Conventions, Mardi Gras, Company Picnics

Professional Development/Team building days

Birthday Parties, children rehearse stories and then perform them wearing magical costumes

For Special Events, we can develop shows or workshops to suit your occasion, conference or theme.

To build a Giant Puppet for a specific event. Special rates for puppets that remain the property of Wee Giant Theatre