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Large-scale outdoor performances using beautiful larger-than-life characters and giant puppets!

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Large-Scale Outdoor Performances

The first sign of spring comes with the sighting of our first butterfly.

The Spirit of the Wind and the giant fish from the “Earth Breathes Life” 2006 performance at the South Shore Waldorf School.

Tapping the skills and talents of a community, performances grow out of collaboration. These Giant Puppet performances are tableaus created to celebrate life and the seasons through the use of music, dance, color, costumes, giant puppetry and poetry.

Sprite, a giant puppet play, performed at Jazz East in 2008

The beautiful landscapes of Nova Scotia are our theatre. Giant Puppets appear from the hills and forest. It is the people from our community who have joined hands to create this wonderful experience.

A New Celebration and outdoor Giant Puppet performance occurs in the Fall. Wee Giant Theatre offers workshops to the upper grades at the South Shore Waldorf School culminating in a magical, musical candle lit walk through the forest.

Inspired by All Souls Day in Mexico the children perform “Halloween Whispers” using Wee Giant’s costumes and giant puppets celebrating our ancestors and those we admire that came before us.

In past years, Wee Giant Theatre has worked with the students and community to create a giant puppet tableau in celebration of spring performed at the South Shore Waldorf School’s Mayfair. The puppets still play a role each year offering the community a chance to man the puppets and join in the May fair parade.

This year (2011), Monika Wildemann will be offering the Waldorf puppet play “Machenka and the Bear”on May 28th, performance at 2 – 2:30 . This will be performed inside and using traditional Waldorf standing puppets.

The giant Spring Goddess brings along her entourage of butterflies and birds

The 2007 May Fair engaged the talents of young violinists from the “Fiddle Sticks” music class taught by Beverly Shaw. The young fiddlers spent their year learning Vivaldi’s Allegro from Spring / The Four Seasons, which became part of the sound track for our large scale giant puppet performance. Pennywhistler Josh Msika and dancer Sara McClure joined us to work with the children of the South Shore Waldorf School and collectively create an awe-inspiring outdoor experience.

See photos from the 2007 presentation in our Photo Gallery. Photos on this page are from 2006.

Wee Giant Outdoor Performances: