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Add a carnival atmosphere to any festivity using beautiful larger-than-life characters and giant puppets!

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Wee Giant Theatre Workshops

10-year-old Braeden creating a giant fish puppet

Tegan and Adelaide, ages 5 and 6, working on the horse costume

Storytelling and art making workshops tailored for any age use a unique blend of dance, music, masks, colourful costumes and giant puppets.

Workshops with Wee Giant Theatre offer creative ways to inspire children and adults to explore the storyteller within, through verbal, written, physical and artistic expression.. The workshops are a fun way to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and discover strengths one never realized one had.

About Wee Giant Workshops

Workshops are tailored for ages 6-8, 8-12 and 12-16 or for the whole family, ages 6 and up. From 4 to 15 students can attend (up to 30 students if volunteers are available to help). Theatre workshops involving giant puppets, costume and mask are 1 1/2 hours long.

Come and check it out!

Wee Giant Theatre offers a theatre component to the South Shore Waldorf School’s fall curriculum offering workshops to the upper grades culminating in a magical, musical candle lit walk through the forest. Inspired by All Souls Day in Mexico, the children perform “Halloween Whispers” using Wee Giant’s costumes and giant puppets celebrating our ancestors and those we admire that came before us.

Workshops to choose from

Lets Make this Big Clown Laugh

A fanciful workshop for the whole family exploring the use of giant puppets.
Ages 7 and up.
Up to 15 participants may attend. At least 3 adults are needed for this workshop.

World Rainbow Stories

Using hand puppets, simple marionettes, masks and costumes of Wee Giant Theatre, youth will have the option of performing some of the stories for their parents and friends at the end of the workshop.  The workshop acknowledges and celebrates Canada's multi cultural diversity. 

The Earth is In Our Hands

Creatively promotes an awareness of environmental concerns through using mask, costumes, puppets and dance.

The Magic and Mystery of Masks

A three part art experience:

  • Day One: making a face form;
  • Day two: building a mask from clay or plasticene;
  • Day Three: time to decorate the mask.